Kelly Clarkson Gives Fan Refreshingly Honest Dating Advice – E! Online

Kelly Clarkson Gives Fan Refreshingly Honest Dating Advice - E! Online

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Kelly Clarkson is keeping it genuine when it concerns enjoy. 

In a clip from the Oct. 22 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the “Behind These Hazel Eyes” vocalist was entrusted with providing among her fans on Twitter some romantic recommendations.

In a tweet that appeared on the program, the fan discussed, “My crush only uses Instagram to message me and he sends me heart eyes emojis. He hasn’t asked for my number. How do I convince him to take our relationship to the next level and actually text?”

Kelly’s visitors Marlon Wayans and Cleo Wade weighed in on the scenario. 

“I’m old fashioned, I think a man should court you,” discussed Marlon, who appeared on the program essentially. “If he’s serious, he’ll ask you on a date, he’ll take you on a nice date and he’ll chase you. Play hard to get, and watch him chase. If he doesn’t chase, let him go. You’re the gift, not him.” 

Cleo, who appeared in the studio with Kelly, included, “If it was one of my girlfriends, I’d probably be like, ‘Well, take Instagram off your phone for a week and tell him you’re doing it so if he wants to get in touch with you he can text you. If he’s interested in you that way, you’ll know by then.” 

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