Kenan Thompson on All That Sketches Working on SNL – E! Online

Kenan Thompson on All That Sketches Working on SNL - E! Online

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Kenan Thompson, who enters his 20 th season at Saturday Night Live when the famous sketch program premieresOct 1 on NBC, has really remained in the sketch funny video game for even longer.

Thompson got his start on the Nickelodeon sketch funny series All That, which premiered in 1994, along with names like Amanda Bynes, Lori Beth Denberg and Kel Mitchell, and developed some enduring characters along the method.

So, which sketches does Thompson believe might really have the ability to deal with Saturday Night Live, all these years later on?

“I feel like Pierre Escargot could work, you know?” he informed Entertainment WeeklySept 23. “Even if he moved out on the [Weekend] Update desk or something like that in the tub or something like that. That might be amusing.”

In the “Everyday French with Pierre Escargot” sketches, which ended up being a few of Thompson’s most unforgettable throughout his 5 seasons on All That, he would being in a tub using a rain coat, state ridiculous expressions in a phony French and after that equate them in English.

And, naturally, Thompson has hope that a person of his most renowned sketches would equate.

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