Kevin Hart Compares His Manhood to a Thumb After “F–king Bad” Injury

Kevin Hart Compares His Manhood to a Thumb After

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Laughter might well be the very best medication for Kevin Hart at the minute.

Days after the comic challenged previous NFL star Stevan Ridley to a 40- lawn dash, which led to Kevin requiring a wheelchair, he discussed that he suffered a blow to his pride, along with his crown gems.

“It’s bad, it’s f–king bad,” Kevin stated in an Instagram videoAug 24. “My dick look like a f–king thumb. Everything is swollen. Balls got big as hell, balls look like my fist. Can’t move my goddamn legs.”

While turning the electronic camera to get a peek of his wheelchair, the 44- year-old joked, “I’m a mess. I’m a f–king mess, man.”

And it appears members of his inner circle aren’t letting him live down the stopped working difficulty, either.

“Let me tell you something, I’m getting all types of calls,” the Central Intelligence star stated, “I’m getting calls from friends, athletes. Everybody starts all the same, ‘Man, what the f–k?’ That’s what they say. ‘What the f–k were you thinking Kev, how you do that? Man, you supposed to be in shape.'”