Key takeaways from 2024 China parliamentary conference: economy, environment

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A Chinese flag flutters on top of the Great Hall of the People ahead of the opening event of the Belt and Road Forum (BRF), to mark 10 th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, in Beijing, China October 18, 2023.

Edgar Su|Reuters

BEIJING– China’s weeklong yearly parliamentary conferences ended on Monday and for the very first time in years, the Chinese premier did not host an interview.

In a break with custom, the premier will no longer hold an interview following this year’s parliamentary conferences– a minimum of for the remainder of the term, according to a main statement recently.

Such interview were an uncommon circumstances of press interaction with the greatest levels of China’s federal government.

President Xi Jinping did not speak at the closing event. He normally speaks just at the closing events of the very first session of each National People’s Congress, the country’s greatest authority which is chosen every 5 years. This year is the 2nd session of the 14 th National People’s Congress

To be clear, the yearly event of the leading management is normally ritualistic in nature. The genuine power lies with the judgment Communist Party, which is headed by Xi, who is basic secretary of the celebration and president of China.

Still, statements made throughout the Congress can shed some light on federal government policy.

Here are some highlights of what was revealed at this year’s week-long parliamentary conference, which began Tuesday recently and ended Monday.


“Along with the extensive discussions on environmental protection, the Government Work Report (GWR) explicitly pledged to lower energy consumption per unit of GDP by around -2.5% in 2024,” Citi experts explained in a report Sunday.

The report “didn’t set such numeric targets in 2022-23, after the -3.0% target and ‘campaign-style’ execution led to the power outages in 2021,” the experts stated.

But they alerted that financiers “need to be mindful of the growth risks arising again from potential environmental policy tightening.”

Economic concentrate on production

China has actually set a 2024 development target of around 5%, Premier Li Qiang at the start of the conferences on Tuesday when he launched the much-anticipated federal government work report.

Industrial assistance plainly ranked initially on Beijing’s concern list for the year ahead, according to 3 significant strategies launched as part of the parliamentary conferences.

The leading financial organizer likewise kept in mind how a push to update devices would produce a market of more than 5 trillion yuan (about $6945 billion).

Real estate, on the other hand, got less focus.

However, the Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated residential or commercial property designers “that must go bankrupt should go bankrupt.” In an interview on Saturday, Ni Hong alerted that those who “harm the interests of the masses” will be penetrated and penalized.

State Council modifications

The Chinese Communist Party has actually increased its oversight of the federal government under Xi.

At the 2023 parliamentary conference, Beijing revealed an overhaul of financing and tech policy by developing party-led commissions to supervise the 2 sectors. Xi likewise got an extraordinary 3rd term as president at last year’s conference.

This year, the National People’s Congress rubber stamped modifications to modify the structure of the State Council, which has actually been the federal government’s magnate body led by the premier. At the ritualistic closing on Monday, the changed State Council Organic Law passed with 2,883 delegate votes– with 8 declining the changes and 9 abstentions.

The modifications consist of vice premiers and the head of the People’s Bank of China amongst the council’s leading management group.

It was not instantly clear what effect such modifications would have.

— CNBC’s Clement Tan added to this story.