Killer bees sting 8 individuals to death after bus crashes into hive|World News

    Killer bees

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    Some of the travelers were stung lots of times (Picture: Twitter)

    A mum and her eight-year-old child are amongst 6 bus travelers who passed away after it crashed into hives filled with African bees.

    Driver Santos Herrera, 22, lost control of the school bus following mechanical issues and crashed down a 160- foot deep slope in the town of San Sebasti án de Yal í, Nicaragua, on Monday.

    The effect squashed numerous wood beehives and released its African bee occupants, triggering the mad swarm to consistently sting the chauffeur and travelers,the MailOnline reports.

    45 out of the 60 bus passengers, as well as the driver, were stung, and locals who tried to rescue trapped passengers had to stop because of the presence of the bees.

    The victims were identified as 47-year-old Eneyda Tórrez and her eight-year-old daughter Andrea Carolina García; Kenia Soza, 19; Dilcia Amparo, 32; Santos Calderón, 38; and Reyna Olivas, 84.

    At least 14 passengers, including a four-year-old boy and a pregnant woman, were hospitalised.

    Horrific pictures show victims covered in dozens of bee stings all over their bodies.

    The country’s National Police transit unit has launched an investigation into the crash.

    The bus fell down a steep slope (Picture: Twitter)
    At least 14 people have been hospitalised (Picture: Twitter)
    Onlookers couldn’t rescue passengers because of the angry bee swarm (Picture: Twitter)
    Victims were left with stings all over their bodies (Picture: Twitter)

    African honey bees are considered an invasive species in South America.

    They’re more defensive, react faster, and chase people further than other varieties of honey bees.

    It’s believed they’ve killed 1,000 humans, as well as horses and other animals, with victims receiving 10 times more stings than from European honey bees.

    Their venom is the very same strength as in European honey bees, however since they sting in far higher numbers African honey bees have even more deaths credited to them.

    However they are the dominant kind of honey bee for beekeeping in Central and South America, due to their hereditary supremacy and capability to out-perform European bees.

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