Killing Eve Stars Explain the Shocking End to the Series

Killing Eve Stars Explain the Shocking End to the Series

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Laura stated that she hopes Villanelle’s death brings Eve peace: “She’s escaped. Carolyn thinks she’s dead. She can have the life that she chooses to live now. In my head, she’s going to take everything that Villanelle has given her into this new version of her life. And Villanelle will live on in Eve.”

The just other individual to make it out fairly untouched is Carolyn, among the charter member of TheTwelve Rumor has it her origin story might be checked out in a spin-off series, however executive manufacturer Sally Woodward Gentle just recently informed Deadline, “We got lots of thoughts, but nothing has firmed up at all, and it’s quite a long way off. So, there isn’t really anything else to say yet.”

Though absolutely nothing has actually been validated, Shaw is video game for a program of her own. “People are interested in the potential of it,” she informed E! News inFebruary “I don’t know what will happen there but I can only say that I love the work.”

All 4 seasons of Killing Eve are streaming now on AMC+.