Kim Kardashian Reveals the One Profession She ‘d Give Up Reality TELEVISION For

Kim Kardashian Reveals the One Profession She’d Give Up Reality TV For

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“I had no connection to the justice system,” Kim remembered. “I didn’t know anyone that had really spent time—maybe a friend of my dad’s and he worked on the case and I was able to experience the trial—but as far as a close friend of mine or a family member, I never experienced it.”

But after experiencing direct what she might do, Kim chose to start this brand-new course.

“As I got to figure out how to help someone and how to make a difference and get them out,” she shared, “I was genuinely naive to all the issues with our system.”

As for the next action for Kim? Completing the actions to end up being an attorney, exposing “I am probably going to take the bar Feb. 25.”

In truth, audiences saw Kim discover she passed California’s Baby Bar examination on her 4th effort throughout season among The Kardashians “The baby bar has a 16 percent pass rate—I mean it took me a few tries,” Kim kept in mind throughout the top, “and then I have another one I think it is like a 36 percent pass rate, so about a year.”

Kim’s remarks come 3 years after she opened about discovering her enthusiasm for law. As she put in Jan 2020 throughout the TELEVISION Critics Association winter season press trip, “I don’t see how I could just say no to someone that really needs help if I know that I can help them.”