Kim Petras Arrives in Latex Face Mask to MTV VMAs–With VIP Chauffeur

Kim Petras Arrives in Latex Face Mask to MTV VMAs—With VIP Chauffeur

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Ain’t no one gon na stop her! Kim Petras‘ VMAs showstopper begins now.

The singer-songwriter, 29, funnelled “bubblegum pop” for her “sticky” look at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday,Sept 12. Ahead of her VMAs Pre-Show efficiency, Petras got here to the red carpet in a brilliant pink Mini Cooper that was driven by an unique driver: her friend Paris Hilton

However, you might not have actually acknowledged her, due to the fact that Petras was all dolled up in a Richard Quinn gown with a strange black latex face mask and fit by VEX, which concealed her identity. She likewise equipped with Roger Vivier heels and a rosey ring by Faberg é.

“I love Richard Quinn and I love the sex with the cross, I feel like it makes a statement,” the artist informed Entertainment Tonight “I feel like a lot of stuff has been happening to sex workers and people being taken off platforms and stuff. It’s unnecessary.”

She went on, “Yeah that’s kind of the thing, the religious stuff and then the freaky stuff.”

Petras stated in a pre-recorded MTV video that the motivation for tonight’s show pertained to her after carrying out at Lollapalooza inChicago “I got up the next early morning and I resembled, ‘I have the concept.’ A little would be that it’s sticky and it’s pure pop. It’s bubblegum pop, you might state,” she shared.

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