Kris Jenner Is Jealous of the New Lady in Corey Gamble’s Life – E! Online

Kris Jenner Is Jealous of the New Lady in Corey Gamble's Life - E! Online

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Is there a brand-new woman in Corey Gamble‘s life?

In this clip from Thursday’s brand new episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner‘s sweetheart attempts to teach the famous momager a lesson as she hasn’t assisted raise their brand-new young puppy, Bridgette.

“Kris is the one that wanted the dog, but I’m doing 99.7 percent of all dog duties,” Corey regreted in a confessional. “So, what I think I got to do now is, all the attention that I used to give Kris, I think I gotta just give it all to Bridgette.”

Corey’s hope? This strategy will get Kris’ attention and she’ll begin assisting with Bridgette’s care.

Thus, Corey requires that the valuable puppy join them for lunch at Geoffrey’s.

Upon getting to the dining establishment, Corey notes, “Let me get your door, my little sweetheart.”

Hilariously, Corey’s attention to Bridgette has Kris questioning aloud, “What happened to my door?”

After calling Bridgette “Pumpkin,” he ups the ante by requesting for natural grilled chicken for his “daughter.”

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