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Kristen Stewart Recalls Being

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Kristen Stewart spoke about the pressure to discuss her sexuality with the general public. 

In a brand-new interview with InDesign, Kristen opened to Happiest Season director and co-writer Clea DuVall about how she got in touch with the upcoming movie. The Christmas motion picture has to do with a lady who brings her sweetheart house for the vacations regardless of not being out to her moms and dads. As a queer lady, Kristen confessed she felt comparable pressure to speak about her sexuality—other than for her, it was with the whole world. 

“The first time I ever dated a girl, I was immediately being asked if I was a lesbian,” she discussed. “And it resembles, ‘God, I’m 21 years of ages.’ I seemed like perhaps there were things that have actually harmed individuals I’ve been with. Not due to the fact that I felt embarrassed of being honestly gay however due to the fact that I didn’t like providing myself to the general public, in such a way.

“Even in my previous relationships, which were straight, we did everything we could to not be photographed doing things—things that would become not ours,” Kristen continued. “So I think the added pressure of representing a group of people, of representing queerness, wasn’t something I understood then.”

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