Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine

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Russian authorities states sabotage group tried attack into Kursk area

A Russian main validated Tuesday that pro-Ukrainian, Russian armed groups had actually tried to release an attack into the Kursk area that borders Ukraine.

Kursk Governor Roman Starovoit mentioned on his Telegram channel that a Ukrainian “sabotage and reconnaissance group” had actually attempted to get into the Kursk area however stopped working.

“Since the morning there has been shelling of the settlement of Tetkino in the Glushkovsky district. There was an attempt to break through by a sabotage and reconnaissance group, there was a shooting battle, but there was no breakthrough,” the head of the area stated in a video message reported by RIA Novosti and equated by Google.

The Glushkovsky district is among the 6 border districts of the Kursk area and is frequently based on shelling from Ukraine, RIA Novosti kept in mind. Kyiv tends not to discuss attacks it performs versus Russian area, however there have actually been many circumstances of drone and shelling attacks. Kursk is on a yellow or “high” horror alert level.

Starovoit did not call the group supposedly associated with the attack and CNBC was not able to right away verify the reports.

However, previously on Tuesday, Reuters pointed out a minimum of 2 Ukraine- based armed groups supposedly comprised of Russians opposed to the war and the Kremlin that declared they introduced an attack throughout Russia’s western verge on Tuesday, according to their social networks pages.

Russia’s Defense Ministry stated Tuesday that Ukraine’s armed force had actually attempted to assault the Kursk area, and a variety of other Russian areas, with drones. It stated its air defense systems had actually obstructed and damaged 11 drones over the Kursk area, 7 over the Belgorod area, 2 each over the Moscow and Oryol areas, and one each in the Leningrad, Bryansk and Tula areas.

–Holly Ellyatt

Ukraine- based Russian armed groups state they have actually introduced attack into Russia

At least 2 Ukraine- based armed groups claiming to be comprised of Russians opposed to the Kremlin introduced an attack throughout Russia’s western verge on Tuesday, according to their social networks pages.

The Freedom of Russia Legion and the Siberian Battalion both revealed on their Telegram pages that they had actually introduced attacks into Russia from Ukraine.

“We will take our land from the regime centimetre by centimetre,” the Freedom of Russia Legion stated in its Telegram post. Reuters might not individually validate the claims.

Russian authorities might not be right away grabbed discuss the claims onTuesday

In the past, Russian authorities have actually cast the groups as puppets of the Ukrainian military and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, which Moscow states is attempting to foment turmoil in Russia.

Andriy Yusov, a representative for Ukraine’s military intelligence, informed Ukraine’s 24 Channel the groups were performing the operation on Russian area individually ofUkraine

Fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps participate in a discussion for the media in northern Ukraine, not far from the Russian border, on May 24, 2023, in the middle of Russian military intrusion on Ukraine.

Sergey Bobok|Afp|Getty Images

Yusov stated a 3rd group, the Russian Volunteer Corps, was likewise taking part in the operation.

The legion’s post appeared to describe the upcoming Russian election, which will occur this weekend. “The people will vote for whom they want, not for whom they have to. Russians will live freely,” the group stated.

The Freedom of Russia legion and the Russian Volunteer Corps have actually formerly declared obligation for other cross-border raids into Russia fromUkraine

— Reuters

Russia, Iran and China start joint marine drills

Russia started a series of joint marine drills with its allies China and Iran on Tuesday, and the West is most likely to view the workouts carefully.

The marine workout, occurring under the “Maritime Security Belt-2024” title, are occurring in the Gulf of Oman, Russia’s Defense Ministry stated on Telegram.

“A detachment of warships of the Pacific Fleet, consisting of the guards missile cruiser ‘Varyag’ and the frigate ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’ began practicing practical tasks of the joint international naval exercise “Maritime Security Belt 2024″ with ships of the Iranian and Chinese navies,” the defense ministry stated.

Iranian, Chinese and Russian marine forces’ joint military workout in 2023.

Anadolu|Anadolu|Getty Images

The primary objective of the marine drills “is to improve the safety of maritime economic activity,” Russia stated.

“During the exercise, warships of the three countries will perform joint maneuvers and fire at surface and air targets, and will also practice elements of freeing a ship captured by pirates.”

In overall, more than 20 ships, assistance vessels and battle boats of the Russian Navy, the Iranian and Chinese Navy are associated with the workout. Naval helicopters will likewise be commonly utilized, the defense ministry included.

It’s the 6th time the nations have actually held the joint workout, however it’s most likely to be carefully viewed by the West offered the deepening relationship in between Russia, Iran and China and increased stress with the West.

Representatives of the navies of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Oman, India and South Africa will participate in the workout as observers for the very first time, Russia stated.

Vatican states end to Russian hostility is very first condition for Ukraine peace

St Peters Square, Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

Gonzalo Azumendi|The Image Bank|Getty Images

The very first condition for any settlements to end the war in Ukraine is that Russia must stop its hostility, the 2nd in command to Pope Francis stated in a paper interview on Tuesday.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry summoned the papal nuncio on Monday to reveal “disappointment” with previous remarks by Francis that Ukraine need to “show the courage of the white flag” and open talks with Russia to end the two-year-old war.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s secretary of state, informed Corriere della Sera daily on Tuesday that the Vatican was pushing for a cease-fire and “first of all it should be the aggressors who stop firing.”

— Reuters

Russian areas supposedly assaulted by wave of Ukrainian drones, rockets and shelling

Russian authorities in the area of Belgorod, Russia, onFeb 15, 2024.

Anadolu|Anadolu|Getty Images

Russian authorities stated 7 areas were targeted by a wave of Ukrainian drones over night, with attacks performed versus the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, Leningrad, Moscow, Oryol and Tula areas.

Air defense systems damaged and obstructed 25 Ukrainian drones (likewise called UAVs, unmanned aerial lorries) over night over the areas, the Russian Ministry of Defense stated, according to a declaration released by the Tass news company.

“Tonight, an attempt by the Kiev regime to carry out a terrorist attack using 25 aircraft-type UAVs on objects on the territory of the Russian Federation was stopped,” the ministry stated in a declaration reported by Tass.

“Air defense systems on duty intercepted and destroyed over the territories of Moscow (2 UAVs), Leningrad (1 UAV), Belgorod (7 UAVs), Kursk (11 UAVs), Bryansk (1 UAV), Tula (1 UAV) and Oryol (2 UAVs) regions,” the department stated.

In a different report, Tass pointed out the defense ministry as stating it had foiled a different effort to target the border area of Belgorod with rockets and shelling. “Russian air defense forces shot down one Tochka-U missile and eight shells of the RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the Belgorod region, the Ministry of Defense reported,” Tass stated.

In a different report, the guv of the Nizhny Novgorod area, Gleb Nikitin, stated Russian energy facilities had actually been targeted in the area.

“In the morning, the Kstovo industrial zone, a fuel and energy complex facility, was attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles. Now the special services are working on the spot, using all the necessary forces and means to localize the fire at one of the oil processing plants,” he stated on his Telegram channel.

CNBC was not able to right away validate the claims and Ukraine has actually not discussed these most current supposed attacks. Ukraine has actually consistently targeted Russian area with drones on previous celebrations, nevertheless, especially targeting energy and fuel facilities, such as oil refineries.

— Holly Ellyatt

NATO holds accession event for Sweden

Officials prepare to raise the Swedish nationwide flag throughout a flag raising event for Sweden’s accession to NATO at the North Atlantic Alliance head office in Brussels, on March 11,2024

John Thys|Afp|Getty Images

NATO held its accession event for Sweden, the 32 nd member of the transatlantic Western alliance, which formally signed up with recently almost 2 years after it very first quote to sign up with the company.

The Swedish flag was raised at NATO head office in Brussels, Belgium, for the very first time as Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson offered remarks.

“Sweden brings high-end capabilities, first-class military forces, and spends more than 2% of GDP on defense,” Stoltenberg stated.

“Sweden’s accession shows again that NATO’s door remains open. No one can close it. Sweden has taken its rightful place at NATO’s table under the shield of Article 5 protection – the ultimate guarantee of our freedom and security. All for one and one for all.”

In different remarks, Stoltenberg stated that Ukraine is “closer to NATO membership than ever before.”

— Natasha Turak

Russia is producing 3 times more weapons shells than U.S., Europe: CNN

155 mm weapons shells are checked in the production store at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant on April 12, 2023 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Hannah Beier|Getty Images

Russia is producing triple the variety of weapons shells for its military than the U.S. and Europe are producing for Ukraine, a report by CNN states.

“Russia is producing about 250,000 artillery munitions per month, or about 3 million a year,” the report stated, pointing out NATO intelligence quotes.

The U.S. and Kyiv’s allies in Europe on the other hand have the capability to produce approximately 1.2 million munitions each year to send out Ukraine, it stated.

“The U.S. military set a goal to produce 100,000 rounds of artillery a month by the end of 2025 — less than half of the Russian monthly output,” it included.

That figure might now fall as Congress stalls on authorizing more military help forKyiv

— Natasha Turak

Belarus reveals a fight preparedness assessment for its militaries

Belarus is releasing an examination to examine the battle preparedness of its militaries, the nation’s defense ministry revealed on Telegram.

“The Armed Forces have begun checking the combat readiness of military formations and units,” the ministry composed in its post, according to a Google translation fromRussian “The check is comprehensive. The personnel will have to move to designated areas and conduct a series of exercises and training, including live fire.”

It stated that the assessment will require the motion of military devices, which civilian transportation and motion on public locations and roadways might as an outcome be limited.

Belarus is among Russia’s closest allies, and its longtime President Alexander Lukashenko has actually supplied Russia with logistical assistance and training premises for its soldiers throughout Moscow’s major intrusion of Ukraine.

— Natasha Turak

Stoltenberg: Sweden signing up with NATO programs Putin’s war technique has actually ‘stopped working’

Logistics Battalion Commander Major Anders Ekroth gestures to his NATO badge as he is talked to at a supply depot throughout the Nordic Response military workout on March 08, 2024 in Unspecified – Region EMEA.

Leon Neal|Getty Images

Sweden’s accession to the NATO alliance, made authorities recently, programs President Vladimir Putin has actually stopped working in his objective to damage Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated throughout the main event for the Nordic nation’s subscription.

“When President Putin launched his full-scale invasion two years ago, he wanted less NATO and more control over his neighbors. He wanted to destroy Ukraine as a sovereign state, but he failed,” Stoltenberg stated, standing along with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in Brussels ahead of the raising of Sweden’s flag outside NATO’s head office.

“NATO is bigger and stronger,” he included.

Sweden very first quote to sign up with the military alliance, ending its traditionally nonaligned position, in May 2022 in the wake of Russia’s intrusion ofUkraine However, the nation’s accession was held up by member states Turkey andHungary Hungary just last month voted in favor of the nation signing up with the alliance.

— Natasha Turak

Trump will ‘not offer a cent’ to Ukraine’s war effort, Hungary’s Orban states

Former United States President Donald Trump shakes hands with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Mark Wilson|Getty Images News|Getty Images

Former U.S. President Donald Trump will “not give a penny” to Ukraine for its war with Russia if he is re-elected, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated on state tv after meeting Trump in Florida.

“He will not give a penny into the Ukraine-Russia war and therefore the war will end, as it is obvious that Ukraine on its own cannot stand on its feet,” Orban stated on Sunday night.

“If the Americans do not give money and weapons, and also the Europeans, then this war will be over. And if the Americans do not give money, the Europeans are unable to finance this war on their own, and then the war will end.”

Orban has actually long held friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, declining to send out weapons to Ukraine and keeping active financial ties with Moscow in spite of EU sanctions. He met Putin last October in China, in spite of criticism from other European leaders.

— Natasha Turak