Leonardo CEO states stupidity positions a larger hazard than AI

Leonardo CEO discusses the 'big technology challenge' facing the defense sector

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Roberto Cingolani, president of Leonardo HEALTH CLUB, throughout an interview in London, UK, on Tuesday,Jan 23, 2024.

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The president of Italian defense group Leonardo stated Friday that he’s more worried about the “stupidity” of users of expert system instead of the dangers postured by the innovation itself.

His remarks come in the middle of duplicated cautions about the threats of AI, with U.N. Secretary-General Ant ónio Guterres just recently getting in touch with worldwide political and magnate to focus on a worldwide method to handle the innovation.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January, Guterres stated the fast advancement of AI might lead to “serious unintended consequences.”

“To be honest, what concerns me more is the lack of control from humans, who are still making wars after 2,000 years,” Roberto Cingolani, CEO of Leonardo, informed CNBC’s “Squawk Box Europe” on Friday.

“With this in mind, expert system is a tool. It is an algorithm made by people, that is run by computer systems made by people, that controls makers made by people. I am more scared, more anxious [about] nationwide stupidity than expert system to be truthful,” he included.

“I have a scientific background, so I definitely consider technology as neutral. The problem is the user, not the technology itself.”

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AI supporters state the innovation can be utilized to benefit mankind in a number of methods, consisting of fast-tracking client medical diagnoses, assisting to design environment modification and battling cyberattacks.

However, the International Monetary Fund stated in a report releasedJan 14 that almost 40% of tasks worldwide might be impacted by the increase of AI.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization likewise alerted that the possible effect of the innovation on the worldwide labor market is most likely to aggravate general inequality most of the times.

Cingolani stated that defense business such as Leonardo should make a “big effort” to present a “massive digitalization” of their platforms, consisting of offering self-governing systems and services that are AI powered.

“It is a complete change of paradigm. It is really a different technological approach to defense and security. It is a big technology challenge,” he included.

Shares of Leonardo increased more than 4% around 8: 48 a.m. London time onFriday The Milan- noted stock is up more than 37% year to date.