LIB’s Marshall Is Related to Bachelorette’s Justin Glaze

LIB’s Marshall Is Related to Bachelorette’s Justin Glaze

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The Glaze household hasn’t had the very best luck on dating programs.

After Love Is Blind audiences saw Marshall Glaze‘s love with fiancée Jackie Bonds increase in flames, he exposed this isn’t the very first time a relative has actually been discarded on nationwide tv.

Marshall verified in a current TikTok that he’s really cousins with The Bachelorette alum Justin Glaze, who was the runner-up on Katie Thurston‘s season.

Marshall even shared a funny FaceTime exchange in between the buddies, with Justin calling Marshall “America’s favorite hopeless romantic.”

Marshall passed along a fan concern, asking the Bachelor Nation member, “They said, ‘Are you jealous that I got casted on the better reality show?'”

“Have I ever been the jealous type? Come on,” Justin quipped. “America, this man deserves everything and more that he’s receiving. This man has been writing sonnets since the moment that he’s been out of the womb. We would all be playing sports. What was he doing? Writing poetry to his future wife. This is how he’s always been… I’m so happy for him.”