Lisa Ann Walter Reveals Whether She’s Down For a Parent Trap 2

Lisa Ann Walter Reveals Whether She’s Down For a Parent Trap 2

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Reflecting on her profession given that playing Chessy, Lisa noted she aims to keep playing functions with a favorable effect.

“That’s type of a bookend sort of thing. I imply, definitely starting with the film as huge as The Parent Trap and it stuck to me all the method through the years and individuals liking it and stating, ‘As a gay kid, you implied a lot to me due to the fact that I seemed like I might come out to your character,'” she stated. “If I do nothing else in this business, to create characters that make people feel like that, I’m good.”

The movie, which was launched in 1998, likewise starred Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Simon Kunz and Natasha Richardson, who passed away in 2009.

Talk of a Parent Trap 2 isn’t the only movie follow up that has actually been raised for Lindsay in current months. Back in December, Jamie Lee Curtis solely exposed she’s more than prepared to do another Freaky Friday

“We are all down to do it,” Jamie stated to Keltie at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Annual Women in EntertainmentGala “It’s not up to us right now, but I think everyone who needs to know knows, and clearly we are in conversation.”

As for what one can get out of a Freaky Friday sequel? Jamie kept in mind, “That’s too early to tell. I’m gonna guess I’m going to be a grandma.”