Love Is Blind’s Bliss Reveals Fight With Irina Not Shown on TELEVISION

Love Is Blind's Bliss Reveals Fight With Irina Not Shown on TV

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Warning: This story includes spoilers for the very first 8 episodes of Love Is Blind season 4.

It ends up Cupcake- gate was simply the pointer of the iceberg.

Love Is Blind season 4 cast mates Bliss Poureetezadi and Irina Solomonova entered into a confectionary kerfuffle when Irina tried to take a candle light from Bliss’ birthday cupcakes for Zach Goytowki, who both ladies were competing for.

But in a special interview with E! News, Bliss exposed there was a lot more to the Irina story that didn’t make the program.

“Earlier that day, she used the ingredients for my cupcakes to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich,” Bliss stated. “The eggs were scrambled, so I had to go request more ingredients. We literally had a conversation 20 minutes before that. I had come up to her and said, ‘Let’s just have peace,’ and then those things were happening.”

Between the sandwich and the cupcakes and all of the untidy drama in between, Bliss wants a little bit more context had actually been provided to Netflix audiences about what truly decreased.

“It seems like my reaction is really strong to the candle thing, but there was a whole other thing that happened,” the 33- year-old kept in mind. “I probably would have given her a candle if she had just been like, ‘Yes, let’s have peace.'”