Love Is Blind’s Jess Dated This Netflix Star After Jimmy

Love Is Blind’s Jess Dated This Netflix Star After Jimmy

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Did they or didn’t they? After Shayne selected to propose to Natalie Lee in season 2, Shaina still made her sensations for him understood. And after Shayne and Natalie didn’t get wed in the ending, they attempted to provide their relationship another shot off-camera. But Natalie exposed throughout Love Is Blind After the Altar that she found “flirtatious messages” in between her sweetheart and Shaina about “what would have happened if they ended up together.” The direct messages cause the (2nd) death of their love, with Natalie describing, “That’s why we’re not together anymore.”

On After the Altar, Shaina firmly insisted that it was “slander,” informing Shayne, “We’ve always been appropriate. We’ve never hung out alone.” (They, at the time, they were undoubtedly hanging out alone.)

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Natalie recommended “a lot more” of Shayne and Shaina’s correspondences were left “on the cutting room floor.”

“I understand, in terms of how much you can really show in these three 45-minute-long episodes,” she stated, “but what I do have is, again, text messages and emails with Shayne, talking about him unsending Instagram messages, deleting messages, and those DMs with Shaina, so that’s something that I talked about that didn’t make the cut, that I think kind of would have helped with the story.”