Love Is Blind’s Jessica, Micah & Izzy Join Perfect Match

Love Is Blind's Jessica, Micah & Izzy Join Perfect Match

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Clay Gravesande and ADVERTISEMENT Smith: Not Together

While Clay revealed his doubt to getting wed due to his own outlook on his daddy’s extramarital relations, advertisement assured him that they would dominate as a couple and all appeared to be well in between the 2.

But when confronted with the job of stating I do to permanently at the altar, Clay stated I do not rather, informing advertisement that it would not be “responsible” of him to get wed understanding he wasn’t prepared.

Cue the shock.

“I’m going to put the work in for you,” he informed ADVERTISEMENT, “and we’ll go through this together. I don’t care what nobody says; I know fully I’m not ready for marriage and you deserve the best. And if I’m not ready to give you 100 percent, I won’t go there with you when I’m not ready…I can’t say yes right now.”

It was a discovery that made advertisement state through tears that the relationship was a waste of her “f–king time.”

As for Clay, he likewise exposed that monetary– and psychological– ties played a huge part in him leaving. “I looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘Am I a husband?’” he confessed, “and the answer was no. Am I deeply in love? The answer was no.’”

During the reunion, Clay revealed that he slipped up and wished to date advertisement, however she played coy on if she ‘d ever think about returning together.

advertisement admitted that she did go on a couple dates with costar Matthew Duliba after recording covered, however they are not together.