Ludacris Opens Up About George Floyd’s Funeral & What He’s Doing to Fight Racial Inequality

Ludacris Opens Up About George Floyd's Funeral & What He's Doing to Fight Racial Inequality

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Taking action in more methods than one.

Ludacris was working to launch Kid Nation, a platform that intends to inform the next generation about present occasions through music, prior to George Floyd‘s death. However, the awful event—and the discussions he ultimately had with Floyd’s household—have him more inspired than ever to “add some positivity and add some solutions,” he informed E!’s Erin Lim on Daily Pop.

“I’m a parent myself, and you know, I think children are still impressionable and it’s hard having conversations with them about what’s going on today,” Ludacris stated. “And everybody’s looking for answers to all the negativity and things that are going on…especially for the new generation, which I feel we have to secure and try to enrich them as much as possible. So that’s why this is so passionate for me. And I think, what better way to do it than through song?”

Kid Nation, which Ludacris co-founded with his company partner Sandy Lal, is tentatively set up for a complete launch in the fall, however the platform has actually currently launched 2 tunes: “Get Along” about racial equality and “Stay Clean,” about health in the age of coronavirus. Though Kid Nation is focused on youths, Ludacris worried the value of not simply speaking to the youth, however listening, too.

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