Lyft partners with Amazon on plan and grocery shipments


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Lyft is hiring chauffeurs to do shipments for Amazon.

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For the most current news and details about the coronavirus pandemic, check out the WHO site.

During the unique coronavirus pandemic, Lyft has actually broadened its services beyond simply flight hailing. For example, recently in the San Francisco Bay Area, it started a pilot that lets chauffeurs provide medical materials and meals. The business validated on Friday that it’s now working together with Amazon to provide the e-commerce giant with chauffeurs to do plan and grocery shipments. 

Lyft made the statement in an e-mail to chauffeurs on Thursday, including that it’ll be sending weekly alerts with “new information about driving, earning opportunities, and supporting your community.” This news was initially reported by Bloomberg.

As the coronavirus has actually spread out, triggering federal government authorities to mandate shelter-in-place policies, business like Uber and Lyft have actually seen their ridership plunge. While Uber has other services, such as food shipment with Uber Eats, Lyft has actually needed to look for brand-new efforts to keep its organisation afloat.

The absence of trips has actually likewise deeply impacted Lyft’s chauffeurs. Many have actually seen their incomes tumble. And others have actually been required to take unsettled time off since either they’re susceptible to COVID-19 or have actually come down with signs of the infection. Lyft has stated it’s using 2 weeks paid leave to chauffeurs who are detected with COVID-19 or quarantined, however some chauffeurs have stated it’s been tough to get that monetary support.

In an e-mail to sent out to chauffeurs on Thursday, Lyft composed, “As a way to earn additional income right now, Lyft drivers can apply for one of Amazon’s recently opened roles.” The business likewise offered chauffeurs a direct about the federal stimulus expense and how they can gain access to welfare from the federal government.

As far as remaining safe from the coronavirus, Lyft stated chauffeurs can put a plastic barrier in between the front and rear seats of their vehicles. It likewise provided a link of where to purchase the sheeting on Amazon. The business furthermore advised that chauffeurs roll down the windows throughout journeys to increase ventilation in the automobile.

Amazon didn’t return ask for remark.

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