Man paid to get immunized versus Covid 217 times in Germany|World News

    A nurse prepares a booster dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in Germany

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    Most people didn’t even have the choice for more than a number of boosters (Picture: Reuters)

    A client in Germany paid to get immunized versus Covid-19 over 200 times.

    It’s not suggested– however he does not appear to have actually had any ill impacts, and likewise did not capture Covid.

    The male, 62, ‘deliberately and for private reasons received 217 vaccinations against SARS-CoV-2 within a period of 29 months’, a research study exposed.

    When researchers learnt he was this hypervaccinted, they asked if they might perform tests to see how his body had actually reacted, which he consented to.

    Having a lot of vaccinations is not suggested, however considered that he had actually currently done it anyhow, researchers were interested to see what took place.

    The public district attorney of Magdeburg, Germany, where he lives, gathered proof of him having more than 100 jabs in a 9 month duration for a possible criminal scams case, later on dropped, which was reported in regional media.

    Pair of gloved hands giving a Covid injection

    Scientists didn’t discover any proof of ill impacts from his vaccine spree (Picture: Reuters)

    After checking out the short articles, scientists asked the male by means of the district attorney if he would grant having tests, and he concurred

    The outcomes have actually now been released in the Lancet journal, and reveal that he has actually not had any obvious ill impacts.

    He ‘actively and voluntarily consented to provide medical information and donate blood and saliva,’ the resulting research study states.

    The male did not report any negative effects and there were no problems discovered in between which might be credited to hypervaccination in between November 2019 and October2023


    Researchers likewise discovered that the male had no indications of ever having actually had Covid-19,‘as indicated by repeatedly negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen tests, PCRs and nucleocapsid serology’


    They concluded his numerous jabs ‘did not lead to adverse events’ and performed in truth increase the variety of pertinent antibodies and T cells.

    But they stated they might not clarify whether he handled to prevent Covid due to his rigorous vaccine routine and included that‘importantly, we do not endorse hypervaccination as a strategy to enhance adaptive immunity’


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