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Max Ehrich Drops New Song

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On the heels of a break up, Max Ehrich has actually carried the start of a love for his brand-new tune. 

The Young and the Restless alum, who made headings this year for his whirlwind love with Demi Lovato and their subsequent split in September, has actually moved from the little screen to the recording studio with the release of “Afraid.” The entertainer revealed the brand-new track early Friday, Oct. 16 on social networks. 

“From the bottom of my hopeful romantic heart,” he composed on Instagram, “infinitely grateful to be releasing the first song off of my music project.”

The piano ballad focuses on the oft-repeated word, “Afraid.” “I’m afraid to love you, love you/ Afraid to give in my all,” Ehrich sings in the chorus. “I’m afraid to love you, love you / Love you with my whole heart.”

On among the verses, he elaborates, “Don’t want to disappoint you / No, I don’t want to lose you, no, no, no / You make me feel so good inside / I’ve been broken so many times / I’m just trying to stay alive / I’m afraid, I’m afraid.”

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