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A great Samaritan has actually gone viral on TikTok after sharing his remarkable experience at a McDo nald’s drive thru.

Josiah Vargas declares he was getting his breakfast order when he understood that the staff member at the window had actually offered him more than he bought.

“I just went to McDonald’s and they just handed me my Sausage McMuffin and this bag,” he states in the video which has actually been enjoyed more than 2 million times and got almost 500,000 likes, exposing the contents to be numerous clear plastic bags packed with money.

While being in the parking area beyond the McDo nald’s, Vargas approximated that he had actually unintentionally been offered $5,000

“And now I have to return this because I’m a good person, I guess,” he stated. “Why would you guys do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money? Why put me in this situation?”

Vargas inconspicuously tape-recorded himself strolling back into the dining establishment and approaching the workers with the bag, jokingly asking if they were “laundering money out of here.”

“Oh my god, I really want to give you a hug,” a McDo nald’s staff member can be heard stating as Vargas hands the bag over. “I want to take a picture of you.”

Do you understand how bad I desire this cash? Why put me in this circumstance?

Later, a smiling Vargas states that the workers thanked him a lot, with numerous apparently given tears by his act of service.

The employees very first rewarded Vargas by informing him that his next month of McDo nald’s orders would be complimentary, however chose to offer him a lot more when he was taking out.

“When I was driving away they called me back in to give me $200,” he stated. “Do good, people. Return $5,000 and get $200 and free McDonald’s for a month. Good trade value.”

An agent for McDo nald’s did not instantly react to CNBC Make It’s ask for remark.

On his TikTok profile, Vargas has actually shared a link to a GoFundMe page where he is wishing to raise $5,000 As of Monday afternoon, it got 6 contributions amounting to $145

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