Mia Threatens Karen With New Cheating Rumor

Mia Threatens Karen With New Cheating Rumor

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Mia Thornton continues to be a thorn in Karen Huger‘s side.

In E! News’ special preview at the Bravo series’Feb 25 episode, The Real Housewives of Potomac stars go head-to-head in a fight over each other’s unfaithful reports.

The drama starts when Gizelle Bryant grills Karen over an allegation the Grande Dame made about Mia previously this season.

“So, at Nneka‘s home, you informed Mia that she was screwing a rap artist and screwing a family man,” Gizelle states in the sneak peek. “In years past, if I had said that, you would be going on a rampage of, ‘Giselle’s trying to destroy families. Giselle’s trying to not respect marriages. Giselle, Giselle, Giselle.'”

In Karen’s defense, she’s likewise been implicated by her costars of unfaithful on spouse Ray Huger in years past.

“You all have come after my marriage time after time again,” she retorts. “I am done turning the other cheek because you guys are so f–king disrespectful at all times to my marriage and to me. And, Mia, I brought you in this group.”