Moment big Bengal tiger fights ‘world’s most dangerous bear’

    This is the moment a Bengal tiger battled 'the world's deadliest bear' in India.

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    The ‘once in a lifetime moment’ a 660-pound tiger released a relentless attack on the world’s most dangerous man-killing bear has actually been captured on cam.

    Footage of the unbelievable fight reveals the Bengal tiger selecting the 300-pound man-killing sloth bear and sinking its teeth into its side.

    Another shot reveals the bloody six-foot-tall bear stand back up and swipe at the tiger with its claws and teeth triggering the huge feline to pull back.

    The uncommon encounter happened in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, India, and lasted an extreme 30 minutes prior to the competitors went their different methods.

    The bloody bear rises to swipe back at the tiger (Picture: Mediadrumimages/Arpit Parekh)

    Photographer, biologist, and trip leader Arpit Parekh, 33, from Palghar, caught the fight, which happened simply 1,000-lawns far from his car.

    Arpit stated: ‘The tiger was enjoying his afternoon siesta when he all of a sudden charged ferociously into the neighboring thicket.

    ‘We heard screeching and soon realised the tiger had gotten into a fight with a sloth bear.’

    At one point, the bear appears beat as he sobs out in discomfort and efforts fruitless to press the tiger off, who is sinking his teeth even more into him.

    The bear ultimately handles to break devoid of the tiger’s grip, as the video cuts to the bear gradually leaving with its competing stalking carefully behind.

    This is the moment a Bengal tiger battled 'the world's deadliest bear' in India.

    The opponents nearly battle to the death to get to the water edge (Picture: Mediadrumimages/Arpit Parekh)

    This is the moment a Bengal tiger battled 'the world's deadliest bear' in India.

    The uncommon fight happened over an extreme 30 minutes (Picture: Mediadrumimages/Arpit Parekh)

    But the bear appears to have actually had enough and all of a sudden reverses to charges at speed towards the tiger.

    It releases itself near to the tiger’s head with its mouth gaping open prior to its opponent runs briefly towards the water edge.

    ‘We thought the bear would die but the tiger soon became exhausted and let go. The bleeding sloth bear charged at the tiger and bit him on the leg,’ Arpit included.

    ‘Finally after a gruelling fight, the 2 leviathans chose to call it gives up and left each other.

    ‘It was a once in a life time minute to witness and it goes to demonstrate how tough life in the forest can be.

    This is the moment a Bengal tiger battled 'the world's deadliest bear' in India.

    The injured set ultimately went their different methods (Picture: Mediadrumimages/Arpit Parekh)

    ‘Look what both animals had to do to get to the water; they had to face life and death challenges. It really emphasises what a precious resource water is.’

    Sloth bears might have a cute furry façade – however they are the most dangerous bears around.

    The most well-known of this types was referred to as ‘the sloth bear of Mysore’, which eliminated 12 individuals and trampled 2 others. It was shot in 1957.

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