Moment police kicks George Floyd protester on the ground ‘after pepper-spraying her’

    Moment cop kicks George Floyd protester on the ground 'after pepper-spraying her'

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    Hannah Sillbaugh was kicked by a SWAT officer in Erie, Pennsylvania as she rested on the ground in demonstrations versus George Floyd’s death. (Picture: Twitter)

    A law enforcement officer was shot kicking a protester as she rested on the ground with her hands in the air, debilitated by the impacts of pepper spray.

    The attack was captured on video camera as demonstrators required to the street in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday night to require justice for the death of George Floyd, a black guy who passed away in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday after officers knelt on his neck for roughly 8 minutes, regardless of pleas that he couldn’t breathe.

    Hannah Sillbaugh, 21, has actually because been determined as the lady in the clip and stated she was currently resting on the ground when she was maced and started the left shoulder.

    Sillbaugh informed Go Erie that she had actually been with a group of individuals placing themselves in between the protesters and cops when she was targeted by officers.

    ‘When I started sitting on the ground, that’s when they began to Mace me. When I wouldn’t move, that’s when the police officers kicked me,’ she stated.

    Hannah Sillbaugh later on stepped forward to state she was the lady shot being kicked by cops. (Picture: Twitter)

    ‘I fell to the ground. They used the opportunity when my hands were away from my eyes to continue to Mace me directly in the face.’

    ‘They finally stopped Macing me to tell me that they were going to taze me. Then I got up and ran away. I was being sprayed and bombarded…I couldn’t see. I couldn’t breathe,’ she continued.

    The mayhem on Saturday night in Erie supposedly followed a tranquil rally at Perry Square previously at night that intensified after a crowd started tossing fireworks at City Hall and broke a window near the entryway of the city’s police headquarters.

    In an action to the event, the city tweeted: ‘The peaceful protest in downtown Erie has turned into a riot. The situation escalated and we are in a state of emergency. Do not go downtown.’

    Clashes in between cops and the roughly 100 protesters supposedly lasted for around 3 hours into the early hours of Sunday early morning. However, a number of the protesters who were seen at the riot were not the exact same ones at the city’s earlier tranquil demonstration, according to reports.

    Erie cops stated 7 individuals were apprehended in connection with the riots and charged with offenses associated with condition.

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