New Details About Kim Cattrall’s AJLT … Scene Revealed

New Details About Kim Cattrall’s AJLT... Scene Revealed

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Looks like Kim Cattrall is hailing a taxi right back to Sex and the City

New information about the starlet’s cameo in the spin-off series And Just Like That … have actually emerged, after Kim validated in May she is repeating her function of Samantha in season 2.

Sources formerly informed Variety that Kim would appear in simply one scene, and now Sex and the Cit y author Candace Bushnell has actually exposed that Samantha’s huge minute happens throughout a vehicle trip.

“Her character represented a lot of freedom and permission for women,” Candace informed Variety in a short article released June 6. “And I think the fans are super excited about her coming back, even if it’s just one cameo in the car.”

What else exists to learn about the powerhouse press agent’s stunning return? “I think it’s gonna be really good from the clips that I’ve seen,” she included. “I’m excited.”