New Findings Debunk Popular Belief About Dementia

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People with dementia keep the capability to discover brand-new abilities, such as utilizing a tablet, according to a doctoral research study at Link öping University inSweden The research study likewise suggests the significance of offering dementia clients with significant activities based upon their own interests.

According to a current doctoral thesis just recently provided at Link öping University, Sweden, individuals with dementia still have the capability to discover brand-new things in spite of their health problem. According to Elias Ingebrand, who carried out the research study, the findings unmask the basic belief that individuals with dementia are empty shells.

Ingebrand carried out an experiment including 10 dementia clients, 8 of whom lived in retirement home, and presented them to utilizing tablet computer systems for the extremely very first time. Although a caretaker or member of the family existed for assistance, the individuals were merely motivated to engage with the tablet in whatever method they picked. It quickly ended up that the gadget made them curious.

“I was rather surprised at this. I may have expected that it would just lie there and that they would talk about something else, but we saw that they focused their attention on it,” he states.

The research study lasted for 4– 6 weeks. Although the individuals struggled with extreme memory decrease, they slowly discovered to utilize the tablet more separately. The description, Elias Ingebrand thinks, is that the body keeps in mind the motions needed despite the fact that the capability to discuss it has actually been lost. But it is necessary to excite the individual’s interest.

Elias Ingebrand

People with dementia can still discover brand-new things, according to EliasIngebrand Credit: Jonas Roslund

A lady who utilized to do orienteering spontaneously begun utilizing the tablet to inspect competitors outcomes. A male who utilized to be uneasy and aggressive discovered how to browse to the Open Archive of SVT, the Swedish public tv broadcaster. After a while, personnel kept in mind that he would sit and look for a very long time, calmly and focused. This was a side of him they had actually never ever seen prior to.

Elias Ingebrand was shocked to discover that individuals with dementia might resolve the secrets of the tablet likewise without aid from personnel or liked ones, by teaming up and gaining from each other. Also in this context, they handled to concentrate on the job at hand. As far as he understands, nobody has actually studied cooperation in between dementia patients prior to.

There are nevertheless previous research studies that have actually discovered that individuals with dementia have the capability to discover brand-new things. This has actually included keeping in mind nonsense words or keeping in mind the names of random individuals. But Elias Ingebrand states that he has actually now revealed that knowing can happen even with no specific directions which his outcomes can likewise be instantly used in dementia care.

“My thesis has an impact on how we look at people with dementia. They are not to be treated as children, but as people who still have a will and an incentive to do things. This is ultimately about having the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities based on the person’s own interests and desires.”

This naturally provides a difficulty to care center personnel, who are frequently too hectic to take a seat with simply someone for any length of time. Letting individuals with dementia do things in cooperation might be an option worth attempting. And despite the fact that this research study has to do with computer system tablets, Elias Ingebrand thinks that its outcomes stand likewise for other types of knowing.

“I want to take my research further by finding out how to make use of the knowledge and expertise of people with dementia in creating meaningful activities. Maybe someone could initiate an activity and teach others in the care facility. Perhaps a small seminar, or knitting. The right to lifelong learning should include everyone; the important thing is getting a chance to learn.”

Reference: “Dementia and learning: The use of tablet computers in joint activities” by Elias Ingebrand, 4 May 2023.
DOI: 10.3384/9789180750714