North Korea: Man to be carried out after smuggling in copies of squid video game

    Squid Game episodes were smuggled into North Korea despite ban on western and South Korean media  (Picture: Netflix)

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    Squid Game episodes were smuggled into North Korea regardless of restriction on western and South Korean media (Picture: Netflix)

    A trainee in North Korea has actually been sentenced to death by a shooting team for offering copies of Netflix’s struck program Squid Game.

    He is stated to have actually smuggled the prohibited series into the Communist state on a stowed away USB drive from China.

    He was captured after offering copies to a number of individuals consisting of fellow trainees, according to sources in the nation pointed out by Radio Free Asia (RFA).

    It is comprehended he will be carried out by shooting team– among the harsh approaches by which characters in the scary series are likewise eliminated.

    Seven other trainees who enjoyed Squid Game in trick were likewise penalized, while instructors at the school were fired.

    One individual who acquired the copy got a life sentence, while his good friends who enjoyed it were provided 5 years difficult labour, RFA reported.

    A student in North Korea was reportedly killed by a firing squad after smuggling copies of the series (Picture: AFP)

    A trainee in North Korea was supposedly eliminated by a shooting team after smuggling copies of the series (Picture: AFP)

    This is the first time the country is applying its 'Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture' in a case involving minors (Picture: AP)

    This is the very first time the nation is using its ‘Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture’ in a case including minors (Picture: AP)

    Officials are now performing searches at the trainees’ school to discover any longer foreign media, which is strictly prohibited in the reclusive nation.

    Despite leader Kim Jong- un’s stringent censorship laws, copies of the South Korean drama are stated to be spreading out amongst individuals in the north on flash drives and SD cards.

    A policeman in the North Hamgyong province informed RFA on Monday: ‘This all began recently when a high school trainee covertly purchased a USB flash drive consisting of the South Korean drama Squid Game and enjoyed it with among his buddies in class.

    ‘The buddy informed a number of other trainees, who ended up being interested, and they shared the flash drive with them.

    ‘They were caught by the censors in 109 Sangmu, who had received a tipoff.’

    Sources stated Squid Game’s dystopian world, in which indebted individuals are pitted versus each other in kids’s video games with fatal stakes, plainly resonates with North Koreans living under dictatorship.

    The arrests mark the very first time that North Korea is using its ‘Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture’ in a case including minors, according to an RFA source.

    They stated: ‘Residents are swallowed up by stress and anxiety, as the 7 will be mercilessly questioned up until the authorities can discover how the drama was smuggled in with the border closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    ‘The government is taking this incident very seriously, saying that the students’ education was being disregarded.

    ‘The Central Committee dismissed the school principal, their youth secretary, and their homeroom instructor.

    ‘They were also expelled from the party. It is certain that they will be sent to toil in coal mines or exiled to rural parts of the country, so other school teachers are all worrying that it could happen to them too if one of their students is also caught up in the investigation.’

    Introduced in December in 2015, the law is focused on punishing the increase of western products such as films, books and music, however it especially concentrates on South Korean media.

    Those captured with the propaganda face stiff fines, as much as 15 years jail time or death.

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