Optus to introduce 5G router in January 2019


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Optus’ 5G router on program at the telco’s 5G Live display on the GoldCoast

Claire Reilly/ CNET.

The ultrafast speeds of 5G are coming, and they might be at your location as quickly as January 2019.

Optus revealed Thursday that it remains in the lasts of checking an industrial 5G router for customers, which the hardware must be prepared to go for the start of the brand-new year.

“We want to make sure Australia is one of the first markets in the world to have commercial 5G,” stated Optus CEO AllenLew

The telco displayed the heft of the brand-new router at its 5G Live display on the Gold Coast, where it was utilized to power live demonstrations of things like VR soccer and low-latency robotics that react to human motions in genuine time.

The huge marquee on Broadbeach included 6 various presentations showcasing the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G. But possibly most remarkably, all the demonstrations were running the exact same router, which was attaining speeds of more than 16 Gbps.

It’s that router– which is presently about the size of a 2-litre bottle of milk and still being fine-tuned– that Optus is wanting to offer to customers in the brand-new year.

But the huge concern is just how much you’ll need to pay to experience the advantages of 5G, and whether it will change the other services available (particularly, the NBN).

Speaking at the 5G Live display on Thursday, Lew was not talking cost, however suggested customers ought to anticipate to pay more than what they presently provide for house broadband.

“We will obviously price it in a way that reflects the quality of the service, the features and attributes of the service,” statedLew “Clearly 5G will have certain attributes that existing technologies don’t have, and we will take that into consideration.”

So 5G will bring you fantastic speeds and great experiences, however you’re going to need to spend for the advantage.

As for whether Optus reckons you’ll still require the NBN, Lew was scrupulous.


Optus has actually kitted out a van to live-stream 8K video utilizing 5G.

Claire Reilly/ CNET.

“Let’s not talk about whether it can replace NBN or not,” he stated.

“The reality is, people will have a choice. They will choose whichever service meets their needs. NBN is an option. Today people can already use 4G for a home wireless broadband service … 5G will be another option that individuals can choose.”

Regardless of whether you’re linked to NBN or 5G in your house, you still have a while to wait prior to you have a 5G smart device.

For that, we still require to wait on the world’s cordless providers, chip suppliers and gadget producers to come together and settle on 5G requirements– a conference set to occur in September this year (likewise on the Gold Coast). From there, Lew states “the first mobile devices will probably come in the second half of 2019.”

At this phase, Optus has actually made 5G “transportable” (if not entirely mobile) by sticking their hardware in the boot of a van and live-streaming 8K video to a television set up in the rear seat. But do not anticipate to go far– Optus is presently attaining a series of about 800 metres from its single 5G tower to the van. This might be repaired with more 5G cells dotted around city locations. But in any case, fully-mobile 5G is still a method off.

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