Over 100 asylum candidates dealing with execution after arrest at Turkey border|World News

    Turkish border guards fired warning shots at the Ahmadi’s before brutalising aand arresting them (Picture: The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light)

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    Over 100 members of a maltreated spiritual minority have actually been apprehended at the Turkish-Bulgarian border and might deal with jail time or death if they stop working to get asylum to the EU.

    Followers of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, a spin-off of Islam which has actually been condemned as ‘heretical’ throughout parts of the Arab world, provided themselves at the Turkish border today in an effort to get safe passage to Europe.

    But upon arrival, the group were consulted with severe violence by Turkish border guards, who fired gunshots over their heads and viciously beat the Ahmadis prior to dragging them away to a police headquarters over 20 km from the borders.

    Harrowing video of the occasion reveals gunshots being fired while the group are brutalised by border guards.

    Turkish border guards fired cautioning chance ats the Ahmadi’s prior to brutalising aand detaining them (Picture: The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light)

    Two UK residents were amongst those apprehended, both of whom declare to be reporters.

    The group, that includes ladies, kids and the senior, are presently dealing with deportation within the next 7-10 days.

    If declined asylum, they will likely be sentenced to death in their native lands.

    The 103 people have actually undergone severe and organized kinds of spiritual persecution all throughout Muslim- bulk nations since of their faith.

    They had actually been beaten, sent to prison, abducted, embarrassed and terrorised throughout nations such as Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Thailand.

    A representative for the group stated ‘It is vital for us not to be sent back to our country because we would risk being executed. Getting asylum in the EU will be our passport to life.’

    According to a declaration from the group, they had actually followed all legal treatments in order to look for asylum prior to crossing the border according to globally concurred upon human rights laws.

    103 asylum seekers face imprisonment or death after being detained at Turkish border

    If deported, the group might be sentenced to death in their house nations (Picture: The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light)

    Several humanitarian groups have actually because stepped in to attempt and make sure the Ahmadi’s security.

    An open letter from the European Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN), which has actually been co-signed by 28 human rights organisations, stated: ‘For Turkey to react to this humanitarian refugee crisis in this way is a breaking of globally concurred upon human rights laws.

    ‘This breaking of human rights laws by the Turkish Government is an outrage and an absolute travesty of justice.’

    ‘We demand that our innocent members of this registered religion be granted their human right to asylum and sanctuary, that they be treated as lawful citizens who have committed no crime, and that they be released immediately from their detainment.’

    Members of the group have actually been identified ‘heretics’ and ‘infidels’ in their native lands due to their beliefs that the using of the headscarf is not a commitment, the fasting of the month of Ramadan falls in December of each year, the 5 day-to-day prayers are abrogated and the usage of liquors is acceptable.

    In Iraq, Ahmadis have actually formerly been threatened with execution if they declined to sign documents to recant their faith and malign the faith.

    They have actually likewise suffered weapon attacks on their houses by armed militias, and scholars have actually required them to be eliminated.

    Bulgarian media declared the border crossing was closed for 2 hours throughout the occurrence, and reported that the group had actually attempted to ‘storm’ the border.

    The media reports estimated the Bulgarian Border Police primary directorate as stating that it had actually not been informed of the occurrence.

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