Paris turns into one of the only European cities to prohibit e-scooter leasings

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E-scooters and an e-bike are parked in a designated parking area.

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Paris will today turned into one of the only cities in Europe with a straight-out restriction on leased e-scooters– as operators prepare to increase their e-bike fleets to change them ahead of the 2024 Olympics.

Despite formerly revealing wish for a last-minute reprieve, the 3 companies with e-scooter operating licenses in the French capital, Lime, Dott and Tier, all validated to CNBC that they will have eliminated their scooters, or trottinettes, by theSept 1 due date.

They had a combined fleet of approximately 15,000 e-scooters in the city.

A referendum kept in April offered Parisians 2 options concerning the rental scooters: for or versus.

Companies explained that the turnout represented simply 7% of those qualified to vote. They likewise argued the city would fall out of action with other city centers welcoming an environment-friendly mode of transportation that is popular with travelers in among the most-visited cities on the planet. They explain there will be no modification to personal e-scooter use guidelines.

But the outcome was emphatic amongst those who did vote, with 90% versus the trottinettes.

It comes as cities all over the world argument whether such cars, which are opened by means of an app and spent for by the minute, are a hazardous public problem or part of the future of city movement.

Shared scooters are still present in other French cities, consisting of Marseille and Lyon.

Many cities have actually presented constraints on scooters, such as speed limitations and parking zones implemented by means of fines for users. Some permit them to be ridden on pavements and in bike lanes, others do not. However, straight-out restrictions by cities that have actually formerly invited them are unusual.

In Europe, Madrid this year reversed a previous restriction to permit rental companies back with brand-new conditions, as Copenhagen likewise performed in2021 Most e-scooters are prohibited on public roadways in the bike-loving Netherlands, and no ride-sharing business have actually gotten in the marketplace.

Tourist hotspots New Orleans and Las Vegas both have ride-share e-scooter restrictions, however they stay in 158 other U.S. cities.

E-bike growth

Lime, Dott and Tier all stated they would now move their focus to growing their arrangement of e-bikes in Paris after moving their scooters somewhere else.

“While Lime e-scooters will depart Paris by the end of August for other cities in Europe, Parisian riders are already pivoting to our expanding fleet of e-bikes,” a Lime representative informed CNBC.

“We now operate twice the number of e-bikes than we ever did e-scooters, and are encouraged by the city’s continued support for cycling ahead of the 2024 Olympics.”

Lime’s Paris scooter fleet amounted to around 5,000, versus around 10,000 bikes. The business stated journeys handled its bikes increased by 73% in the capital in 2015.

Dott stated it was sending its scooters to locations where it has actually signed brand-new tenders, consisting of Bordeaux and throughoutBelgium A representative stated the business was increasing its e-bike fleet, which it intends to broaden into the Paris suburban areas ahead of the Olympics, which are because of start in July next year.

E-bikes are not uncontroversial themselves. Critics state that they mess pavements and roadways when not saved appropriately; are often utilized on pavements in spite of their substantial speed capabilities; and are likewise frequently utilized by travelers or commuters without helmets.

Val ère Rousseau, a Parisian operating in the heritage sector, stated he believed the general public was more accepting of e-bikes as a helpful mode of travel.

“E-scooters are different. They are very appreciated by young people but disliked by Parisians because parking is still an issue and it remains dangerous — no helmet, sometimes on the pavement,” he informed CNBC.

Reducing cars and truck blockage and making the city completely bike-accessible have actually been a few of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s essential top priorities.

In 2022, she revealed strategies to prohibit most cars and trucks from numerous main locations, with roadway gain access to just for pedestrians, bikes, public transportation and particular allowed cars and trucks.

That follows the pedestrianization of locations consisting of big areas of the banks of the River Seine, while bikes have actually been provided concern and most cars and trucks prohibited along the main commercial Rue de Rivoli.