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Paris Hilton Sets Record Straight About Her

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Paris Hilton is clarifying about a specific t-shirt that she never ever in fact owned.

Years earlier, an image made the rounds online of the star rocking a sleeveless top that appeared to check out, “Stop Being Poor.” But on Monday, May 3, she required to TikTok to verify she never ever actually used such a leading, as it was all the outcome of a sly Photoshop user. 

“So there’s this photo online of me—I’m sure you’ve seen it,” Paris, 40, stated in the brand-new video footage. “I never wore that shirt. This was completely photoshopped. Everyone thinks it’s real, but that’s not the truth.”

She then shared what she kept is a real picture of herself, exposing that an option word is various. “This is what it really said: ‘Stop Being Desperate,'” Paris continued. “Don’t believe everything you read.”

This is definitely not the very first time that this description has actually been shared. As extensively reported by a variety of media outlets, Paris was certainly photographed in the “Stop Being Desperate” t-shirt at a Las Vegas occasion in April 2005, and an image was later on doctored to appear she was making a discuss socioeconomic distinctions.

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