Penn Badgley Reunites With Gossip Girl Sister Taylor Momsen

Penn Badgley Reunites With Gossip Girl Sister Taylor Momsen

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This might not be the Upper East Side, however it’s one reunion you do not wish to miss out on.

Penn Badgley and Taylor Momsen positioned in an amusing TikTok video together, as the Gossip Girl alums teased the return of Dan and Jenny Humphrey on Penn’s podcast Podcrushed next week.

The clip revealed the You star– using a blue tee shirt with his hair down– taking a page from his on-camera sibling’s design book with the dark eye liner, while Taylor herself brought the rock-and-roll mindset of Jenny, with a black and grey checkered flannel and ripped denims.

Penn composed on theSept 1 TikTok, “Next week on Podcrushed.”

And fans gathered to the remarks to voice their enjoyment, with one user exclaiming, “OMGGGG GOSSIP GIRL REUNION CRUMBS,” while another composed, “No way!!!!”

But this isn’t the very first minute fans of the CW program needed to chatter about. Back in April, Taylor went back to the popular actions of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art after a years.