Police officer suicides increase to 4 deaths

Police officer suicides rise to 4 deaths

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Supporters of Donald Trump collect outside the Capitol structure in Washington D.C., on January 06, 2021.

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Two more Washington, D.C., law enforcement officer passed away by suicide in the months after safeguarding the U.S. Capitol throughout the Jan. 6 riot by Trump fans, bringing the grim tally of such deaths to 4.

One of those polices, 43-year-old Gunther Hashida, was discovered dead at his house last Thursday, according to a spokesperson for the Metropolitan [D.C.] Police Department.

Hashida, signed up with the MPD in May 2003, and most just recently was designated to the emergency situation reaction group within the Special Operations Division.

Hours later on, the MPD validated that another officer from the very same department, Kyle deFreytag, passed away by suicide, and was discovered July 10.

DeFreytag, 26, had actually been with the department considering that November 2016.

A crowdfunding page established Sunday to spend for a funeral for Hashida, and to support his household, since Monday night had actually raised more than $68,000 from more than 1,500 donors.

The GoFundMe page, which has a $250,000 contribution target, stated Hashida “leaves behind a loving wife, sister, 3 children, and a wonderful family.”

An online obituary for deFreytag stated he “liked hiking, camping, riding his motorcycle, he liked traveling and playing the drums, he enjoyed trying different ethnic foods and always knew the best places to eat.”

“Kyle was kind, he had a quick wit and a great sense of humor & kept us laughing for 26 years,” the obituary stated.

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The riot started after then-President Donald Trump advised guests at a rally outside the White House to march to the Capitol, where a joint session of Congress was satisfying to formally validate the Electoral College success of Joe Biden as the next president.

Hundreds of Trump fans attacked the Capitol premises and structures, interrupting the procedures.

More than 500 individuals have actually been apprehended for supposed criminal offenses connected to the intrusion.

About 140 officers from both the Capitol Police and the D.C. department were hurt in the melee.

 At a congressional hearing recently, 4 officers explained being assaulted, scolded and threatened with death by crowds of individuals, much of whom were wielding weapons.

“I was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm, as I heard chants of, ‘Kill him with his own gun,'” MPD Officer Michael Fanone affirmed.

Another police, Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, vented aggravation at the hearing at some members of Congress who have actually minimized the threat from the riot.

“The same people who we helped, the same people who we gave them the borrowed time to get to safety, now they are attacking us, they are attacking our characters,” Gonell stated.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a declaration provided after Hashida’s death was reported, however prior to DeFreytag’s suicide ended up being public, stated, “On behalf of the House of Representatives, I send deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Metropolitan Police Department Officer Gunther Hashida.”

“Officer Hashida was a hero, who risked his life to save our Capitol, the Congressional community and our very Democracy,” stated Pelosi, D-Calif. “All Americans are indebted to him for his great valor and patriotism on January 6th and throughout his selfless service.”

“May Officer Hashida’s life be an inspiration to all to protect our Country and Democracy. And may it be a comfort to Officer Hashida’s family that so many mourn their loss and pray for them at this sad time.”

If you or somebody you understand remains in crisis, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.