Prisoner imprisoned for 217 years who ‘killed 48 prisoners’ states he has no remorses

    Prisoner jailed for 217 years who 'murdered 48 inmates' says he has no regrets

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    Brazil’s most infamous detainee Marcos Paulo da Silva, 42, chained to a bed in jail after a violent outburst

    A serial killer nicknamed Lucifer has apparently stated he has no remorses for killing 48 other prisoners and wishes to eliminate more.

    Marcos Paulo da Silva was 18 he was very first imprisoned for minor theft in 1995, however he now deals with passing away in jail after changing himself into Brazil’s most hazardous detainee.

    He has actually ended up being infamous for beheading and disembowelling fellow detainees, and is stated to have actually eliminated 5 guys in one go in Serra Azul Jail in Sao Paulo in 2011.

    Da Silva, 42, apparently utilized a fire extinguisher to knock his victims unconscious prior to beheading them with a home-made knife in his most notorious prison massacre to date.

    He is stated to have actually screamed: ‘I love this, there’s so couple of, I wish to eliminate more detainees’ as he snubbed out their lives.

    Da Silva, who is covered in Swastika and skull tattoos, has actually not been pursued a number of his criminal offenses, however his project of murders have actually left him with numerous convictions and prison sentences amounting to 217 years.

    Marcos Paulo da Silva assassinou e mutilou cinco prisioneiros em 2011

    Da Silva is stated to have actually eliminated 5 prisoners in one go in 2011, knocking them out with a fire extinguisher prior to slicing off their heads

    He is stated to have actually informed a judge just recently: ‘I have no remorses about eliminating all these individuals.

    ‘They were rapists and thieves who took advantage of other inmates and robbed them.’

    His impressive jail history was laid bare in a current report by regional media.

    He has actually been referred to as the leader of a gang of assassins produced with the objective of killing members of the PCC – among Brazil’s leading jail gangs.

    Prison guards apparently stated it was just a ‘question of time’ prior to da Silva eliminates once again as soon as he is moved to a brand-new jail.

    He changed loyalties and turned versus PCC after signing up with the gang as a 19-year-old following his very first teenage conviction.

    The variety of jails happy to take him is now drying up. Psychologists state he is not psychologically ill however does struggle with a character condition that requires to be urgently dealt with.

    Additional reporting from Natalia Penza.

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