Proof Danielle Fishel & Topanga Lawrence May Just Be One and the Same

Proof Danielle Fishel & Topanga Lawrence May Just Be One and the Same

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You might do a lot even worse than getting to play Topanga Lawrence throughout your developmental years.

Though Danielle Fishel undoubtedly had some reaching do when it concerned matching the maturity of the 11- year-old when Boy Meets World premiered in 1993.

“When Topanga was first created I felt she was very different from me,” the starlet, who played her throughout her teenagers and once again in her 30 s, informed E! News in an unique interview. “She talked slower, she was very sure of herself. She had a lot of strong feminist beliefs that young Danielle had never even thought about.”

But ultimately, Fishel continued, “we started to become more one in the same, and I don’t know where the line starts to blur.”

To this day, she included, “I don’t know how much of who Danielle is, is because of the way Topanga was, or vice versa. I describe Topanga as just being on the other side of my heart—at any given point in time, I can click into it. She is I and I am she. “

And she’s not mad about it– not least due to the fact that the 41- year-old understands stars can invest their entire professions intending to play a part that indicates something to individuals, and she won the brass ring practically right out of eviction.