Putin has a ‘disinfection tunnel’ to secure him from the coronavirus

Putin has a 'disinfection tunnel' to protect him from the coronavirus

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A presentation of the disinfection tunnel at President Putin’s home

RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin now has a “disinfection tunnel” set up at one of his main homes to secure him from contracting the coronavirus, Russian news firm Ria Novosti reported Tuesday.

The unique tunnel has actually been set up at the president’s home in Novo-Ogaryovo, according to the news firm, that released a video demonstrating how the tunnel works. Anyone getting in the home needs to go through the chamber that utilizes a great mist of disinfectant service that covers clothes and exposed locations of the body.

Putin’s rural home lies simply outside Moscow and is apparently chosen by the president as a remote working workplace in order to prevent traffic jam in the capital.

He self-isolated at the home in April when authorities he had close contact with were detected with Covid-19, consisting of the head of the nation’s primary coronavirus medical facility, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and soon later on, his spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.  In April, Peskov stated that anybody satisfying the president needed to take a Covid-19 test.

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a conference concentrated on the assistance to the air travel market and the air transport at his nation home in Novo-Ogaryovo outside Moscow, on May 13, 2020.

Alexey Nikolsky | AFP | Getty Images

Russia has the third-highest variety of coronavirus cases worldwide, with 544,725 reported cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. It has a low quantity of deaths, nevertheless, with 7,274 deaths signed up due to the infection.

Despite the rate of brand-new day-to-day cases staying high, lockdown limitations executed in March have actually been raised rapidly in Moscow ahead of essential political occasions, Moscow’s Victory Day Parade — Russia’s yearly program of military hardware — on June 24, and a historical referendum on constitutional modifications on July 1 that would permit President Vladimir Putin to run for more terms in workplace.

Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov informed CNBC recently that the lifting of limitations was proper offered the decrease in the rate of brand-new infections.

Peskov stated the variety of infections was “decreasing day by day, although quite slowly,” including that there was no longer the threat that Russia’s health-care system might be overwhelmed.

“Now we can be sure that we have a significant number of beds, a significant number of ventilators, and all the needed protective materials, so we’re ready for any developments in terms of the pandemic,” he stated.

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