Remove these 10 harmful expressions from your vocabulary, state profession professionals: They’re ‘cold and belittling’

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Ideally, in every office interaction– conferences, telephone call, e-mails, little talk– our discussions would be favorable and positive.

But that’s not constantly the case. Discussions can be cold and belittling, becoming cars for harmful culture– especially when individuals make remarks about race, gender, age, capability and orientation that weaken individualities.

Want to stop gnawing at individuals’s sense of security and worth? Remove these 10 harmful expressions from your vocabulary:

1. “We’ve always done it this way.”

2. “Back in my day, we had it worse.”

3. “It’s best to keep our salary information private.”

4. “We opted for [X person] since they have more experience.”

5. “We don’t have term limits.”

6. “Can you document that incident in an email?”

7. “[X person] didn’t suggest what they stated.”

8. “I’m not feeling too well. But I’ll try to power through the day.”

9. “Keep this between us, as it’s not my news to share.”

10 “Can you send it to me tonight?”