Revisiting Clare Crawley’s Iconic Exit From Juan Pablo Galavis’ Season – E! Online

Revisiting Clare Crawley's Iconic Exit From Juan Pablo Galavis' Season - E! Online

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While those remarks were offscreen, the tide turned onscreen relatively rapidly also. As Juan Pablo got closer and closer to a hairdresser and future Bachelorette called Clare Crawley, the other ladies got a growing number of irritated. Since Clare had couple of pals amongst the ladies, she wound up investing all her group date time with the guy himself, and by the top 11 she was plainly a frontrunner. 

One night in Vietnam, she chose she wished to swim in the ocean for the very first time ever, so she went to Juan Pablo’s space and welcomed him out. Not just did Clare get to swim in the ocean, however she and Juan Pablo did a great deal of constructing out (and potentially more) because ocean. Things got steamy! 

Then, Juan Pablo sort of switched on Clare. He informed her what they did was an error since he had a child, making her feel as if she did something badly incorrect. 

He welcomed her on a one-on-one a number of episodes later on and they fixed up, however that ocean minute ended up being notorious in the franchise and Juan Pablo’s response ended up being a sneak peek of all the “it’s okay” and “trust me” rubbish to come. 

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