Ryan Reynolds Records Personal Video Message for Boy Battling Cancer – E! Online

Ryan Reynolds Records Personal Video Message for Boy Battling Cancer - E! Online

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Ryan Reynolds showed he’s a real-life superhero when he responded to the call of a 11-year-old kid fighting cancer and sent him a tailored message of hope.

This week, the 44-year-old Deadpool star taped and sent out the clip to fellow Canadian native Brody Dery about a day after Twitter users, consisting of 2 legislators, drew the star’s attention to a demand from the kid and his mama to get in touch.

“Brody, it’s Ryan Reynolds,” the star states in the video, which aired on Canada’s CKPG-TV and was published on Twitter by press reporter Caden Fanshaw. “I just heard a little bit about your story and I wanted to send you this video and let you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m sending you tons of love and I’m sending you strength, whatever strength I’ve got.”

Ryan continued, “Man, you have a ton of people in your life that love you so much. I know you’ve been going through it, I know it’s been a challenge lately but you know something, Brody, you’re jus the man for the job. So I’m sending you lots of love. I hope I get to meet you in person one of these days and hang in there. OK, pal, bye.”

Brody, who is presently going through chemotherapy treatments for phase 3B Hodgkins Lymphoma, was satisfied to get Ryan’s video message and he and his household have actually viewed it over and over, his mom, Randi Dery, informed CTV News.

“His jaw hit the floor,” she stated of her kid’s response. “He keeps saying, ‘I feel special – I feel like I’m the movie star.'”

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