Samsung Galaxy Ring: specifications, functions, release date

Samsung Galaxy Ring: specs, features, release date

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring has different sensing units to track things like heart rate.


BARCELONA รข $” Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, its most current wearable, is introducing with health-tracking functions consisting of heart rate and sleep tracking while likewise providing users a rating of their preparedness for the day, a magnate informed CNBC.

In an extensive interview, Hon Pak, the head of the digital health group at Samsung Electronics, went over the business’s very first venture into the item classification of rings, factors to consider for a membership design for the Samsung Health app, and his vision for an expert system “coach.”

Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring in January throughout journalism conference when it released the S24 mobile phone. The South Korean tech giant is putting it on screen for the very first time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which begins on Monday.

Samsung Galaxy Ring functions

Pak stated the ring, which is fitted with sensing units, will have the ability to offer readings on heart rate, breathing rate, the quantity of motion made throughout sleep, and the time it takes an individual to drop off to sleep when in bed.

He likewise stated the ring will have the ability to offer a user a “vitality score” which “collects data about physical and mental readiness to see how productive you can be.”

All of that will be available through the Samsung Health app.

The ring is set to go on sale this year, however Pak did not offer a timeline or the rates.

Pak likewise stated the business is thinking about including a function that would permit the Galaxy Ring to do contactless payments, just like smart devices.

“We have a whole … team that is looking at that. But I think clearly looking at multiple different use cases for the Ring beyond just health, for sure,” Pak stated.

The Samsung executive likewise stated the business is dealing with non-invasive glucose tracking in addition to a high blood pressure picking up through its wearable gadgets.

“I think we have some ways to go,” Pak stated of non-invasive glucose tracking. Currently, individuals utilize gadgets that pierce the skin to examine glucose levels. A non-invasive method to do that would be a big action.

Samsung environment play

Samsung is hoping that different gadgets will enhance its placing in health, a location it has actually been dealing with for numerous years.

Samsung has its smart devices and smartwatches. The Galaxy Ring is the latest item classification in health. Samsung stated the choice to release a “smart ring” was driven by its clients.

“Our own customers told us, I want choice. I want the ability to have other forms of wearables to measure health,” Pak stated. “And some want to wear the watch, some want to wear the watch and the ring and get benefit from both. Some just want more simplicity.”

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will operate in combination with Samsung’s smartwatches.


Pak verified that when the smartwatch and Ring are used together, users will have the ability to get various health insights.

Samsung is not the very first business to release wise rings. There are a handful of other gamers such as Oura.

Previous generations of Samsung’s flagship mobile phone, such as the S7, have sensing units that track things like heart rate. Users might put their finger on the sensing unit and it would offer a reading. Samsung has actually gotten rid of those sensing units on its phones, particularly given that it has smartwatches that provide these functions.

However, Pak did not eliminate the possibility that future smart devices would have health sensing units on them.

“Mobile is still very pervasive and so I think there are reasons why we may want to put a sensor on a mobile versus having it on a wearable,” Pak stated.

AI ‘coach’

Pak went over how expert system will contribute in Samsung’s health services. AI can assist understand all of the information these gadgets are gathering. And eventually, Pak’s objective is to get the AI to offer much deeper insights into an individual’s health.

He stated big language designs, which are AI designs trained on substantial quantities of information which underpin applications like chatbots, can assist to offer higher insights.

“Imagine that large language model, acting as my digital assistant, while looking at the context of my medical records, my physiological data, my engagement with a mobile device, the wearables during all of that … begins to bring greater insights and personalization opportunities,” Pak stated.

“There’s a digital assistant coach in the future, because we think that’s absolutely needed,” the Samsung executive stated.

Pak explained a circumstance in which a digital assistant uses health guidance in the ideal tone and context, stating “our ability to change our behavior becomes much greater.”

Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant, might have a part to play, Pak stated.

“So we are exploring various different ways in which the human computer interface will change over time … And so we think Bixby with speech represents a significant part of that option. But we don’t think it’s the only option. But Bixby potentially combined with large language models can be a phenomenal game changer. And we’re obviously having that conversation,” Pak stated.

The executive likewise stated the business is “considering” a membership service for its Samsung Health app, however that the abilities and insights it uses requirement to be enhanced before that can take place. AI assistants can assist.

“If you’re gonna really make me pay for something, you better give me something that’s more end to end that’s more comprehensive” in regards to health insights, Pak stated.