Save 40% on TULA Protect + Glow Sunscreen and Get a Luminous Look

Save 40% on TULA Protect + Glow Sunscreen and Get a Luminous Look

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If you believe this sun block is similar to the rest, reconsider. Shoppers enjoy this one.

TULA Protect + Glow Daily SPF 30 Reviews

A consumer stated, “MY Holy Grail.This is my favorite sunscreen I use it every single day, all year round. I absolutely love the glow it gives my skin, it’s that’s glow from within radiant youthful glow, this sunscreen is hydrating and I wear with or without makeup! This sunscreen sets the bar high, nothing Ive used is anything like this, This is a staple in my routine!”

Another stated, “I love everything about this sunscreen. I am Black and sunscreens have a habit of leaving a chalky residue on darker skin tones. This one does not do that at all! It gives my skin a beautiful glow with and without makeup. Never discontinue this or change the formula.”

Someone raved, “The broad spectrum daily sunscreen not only protects my skin from the scorching hot sun in Hawai’i but also makes my skin look beautiful with a subtle glow. I am confident using Tula because after so many trials and errors looking for a sunscreen that best fit my skin, Tula broad spectrum sunscreen has not let me down. This product is my holy grail of sunscreens. The product absorbs into my skin w/out any white cast. I love how it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates, silicone and dimethicone.”

A fan of the item stated, “Obsessed. This is my third time purchasing this product. I wear it every day after I put on my moisturizer and it gives me a natural glow plus it has SPF. When I put my makeup on over it after it dries it just pops! Cannot recommend this enough!”

A customer composed, “Amazing! Best sunscreen for the face I have ever used. I am over 50 and this gives your face extra glow while protecting from sun damage.”

“OBSESSED! Never using any other sunscreen,” a buyer composed.

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