See the Cast of Dr. Death vs. the True Story’s Real Characters – E! Online

See the Cast of Dr. Death vs. the True Story's Real Characters - E! Online

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Robb did speak with thoroughly with Shughart, the Dallas County Assistant District Attorney who led the prosecution versus Duntsch. 

In a July 15 reward episode of the Dr. Death podcast including a chat in between the 2, Robb asked Shughart if she ever thought that the case would get so much attention. “I didn’t expect it at all,” the lawyer stated. She did believe, nevertheless, that individuals may believe her workplace was insane for pursuing Duntsch, criminal charges including medical malpractice being very unusual, particularly in Texas.

“I was actually shocked that they filmed the entire trial…and it just went beyond,” Shughart stated.

Robb informed E! News, “I almost prefer playing real people, just because I love the collaboration of getting to be able to meet with them and hear their opinion and their voice…It’s a big honor and, I don’t know, it’s almost an extra challenge.”

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