See Who Will Play the Jackson 5 in Michael Jackson Biopic

See Who Will Play the Jackson 5 in Michael Jackson Biopic

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ABC, it’s simple as 1, 2, 3 to cast the Jackson 5.

After all, Michael, the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic from Lionsgate and Universal Pictures, revealed that an overall of 8 stars have actually been worked with to play the “Thriller” vocalist’s bandmates and bros through the years.

So who’s going to rock this world as the Jackson 5? For the early years of the band, Jayden Harville will play Jermaine Jackson, Jaylen Lyndon Hunter will illustrate Marlon Jackson, Judah Edwards landed the gig as Tito Jackson, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre will represent Jackie Jackson and, as formerly revealed, Juliano Krue Valdi will look like a young Michael.

But the cast will alter for the adult years, with Jamal R. Henderson as Jermaine, Tre Horton as Marlon, Rhyan Hill as Tito and Joseph David-Jones asJackie They’ll star in scenes along with Michael’s real-life nephew Jaafar Jackson, whose casting as the full-grown variation of the “Billie Jean” vocalist was revealed back in January 2023.