Selling Sunset S6: Mary Fitzgerald Says Cast Was “Going Crazy”

Selling Sunset S6: Mary Fitzgerald Says Cast Was

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Her exit from the program follows a remarkable season 5, where fellow cast member Emma Hernan informed Mary and employer Jason Oppenheim that Christine provided among Emma’s customers $5,000 to not deal with her. In the episode, Christine stated, “There’s absolutely no truth to this. I don’t know why Emma is once again trying to make me look bad and stir the pot and make up lies about me.”

Months after it aired, news broke in August that Christine was parting methods with the Netflix program. She later on solely informed E! News that her exit was a “natural progression” into her next profession relocation: a crypto-based brokerage she opened with hubby Christian Richard called RealOpen.

“My husband and I have been working on RealOpen for so long, you know? It was a year and a half in the making,” she described inSeptember “So in my mind, I was already checked out.”

As for what Mary considers Christine’s departure? She made her sensations clear throughout the season 6 trailer.

“I don’t think I’ll really miss Christine,” Mary stated in the promotion, “so it’s probably for the best that she’s gone. But I am nervous about the new dynamic.”

Fans will get to view that brand-new vibrant play out when Selling Sunset season 6 hits Netflix beginning May 19.