Shep Rose & Craig Conover Get Candid on Southern Charm Feud

Shep Rose & Craig Conover Get Candid on Southern Charm Feud

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SR: We are gon na have our bad minutes. I imply, I believe you see in the trailer.

CC: Yeah, I’m discovering how to speak with individuals much better when I’m disappointed, however it had not occurred yet for the program.

SR: And moreover, we do not have a program unless we sort of bring some things to the leading edge that perhaps you would not understand.

CC: Exactly, we dealt with whatever completely civil.

SR: Yeah, no punches were tossed.

CC: Well, there was one physical occurrence, battling like youngsters.

E!: On a more favorable note, what are you most delighted for fans to see this season?

CC: For me, the shop. No one’s actually seen Sewing Down South, it had not actually been on television yet due to the fact that a great deal of it occurred in the last couple of years. I believe you got to see my starting phases where I could not leave my own method and I was stuck in my dining-room, and now you actually get to see business.

SR: For me, it’s a relationship, or love, so to speak, that I can not wait on the audience to see. And for me to see personally. Surely that’s going to be quite fascinating, sort of bombshell-ish. So prepare yourself!

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