Sister Wives’ Gwendlyn Brown “Doesn’t Really Like” Robyn

Sister Wives' Gwendlyn Brown

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Gwendlyn Brown is weighing in on the continuous Sister Wives drama.

The 21- year-old, who is the child of Kody Brown and Christine Brown, is exposing how she truly feels about Robyn Brown, who is now the only staying sis better half wed to Kody.

” I do feel less about Robyn from enjoying [Sister Wives], however that’s not truly reasonable from me since I do not truly like her as an individual,” Gwendlyn stated of Robyn in aDec 21 YouTube video, while flashing text that checks out “stepmothers and all” on-screen. “Watching her [on Sister Wives] makes me like her less, for sure.”

The discovery comes a little over a week after Kody revealed onDec 12 that he and Janelle Brown were separated. Just 3 days in the futureDec 15, OG better half Meri Brown exposed that Kody had actually ended his relationship with her, too. Gwendlyn’s mommy Christine was the very first to reveal her separation from Kody inNov 2021.

In a brand-new sneak peek of the upcoming Sister Wives: One on One unique, Meri exposed that they have actually been separated for a long time, however Kody didn’t wish to reveal it for worry of reaction.