Smart rings, robotic pets, bendable phones

Smart rings, robot dogs, bendable phones

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Mobile World Congress 2024, the world’s most significant mobile exhibition, had a great deal of future-looking tech on display screen.

Arjun Kharpal|CNBC

The Mobile World Congress, the world’s biggest mobile program, is a location where gadget makers flaunt a few of their most current developments.

And there was rather a lot on display screen in Barcelona, Spain, this year.

Artificial intelligence took spotlight, however there was likewise lots of experimentation with various kinds of screens and very first takes a look at some gadgets from a few of the world’s most significant tech companies.

Motorola phone that twists around wrist

Lenovo’s see-through laptop

Expandable smartphone

Humane AI Pin

OPPO enhanced truth glasses

The Oppo Air Glass 3 is a model set of enhanced truth glasses with a voice assistant.


Oppo debuted a set of enhanced truth glasses it calls the Air Glass 3.

The glasses are geared up with an AI assistant you can talk with.

AR video gaming headset

Xiaomi phone that becomes a correct electronic camera

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Robot canine

Xiaomi SU7