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    woman storms out of holiday villa

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    The Brits abroad grumbled about the temperature level of the swimming pool to the vacation home owner (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

    A furious mum stormed out of her vacation home in Lanzarote since her pool was ’24 ° C rather of 30 ° C ‘on a week-long vacation.

    GulnaraAdomene, fromRomford, eastLondon, was eagerly anticipating the journey with her buddy Luda and both their kids.

    The 40- year-old had actually invested months preparing the vacation however was entrusted a ‘freezing’ swimming pool and states no one showed up to repair it up until the 3rd day.

    The group were required to invest another ₤680 for a hotel in other places.

    The owner of the vacation home Fabrizio Rossi assured her the swimming pool remained in between 30 and 32 ° C throughout the day and any loss of temperature level was since Gulnara did not cover it over night.

    He stated she bombarded him with around ’80 messages in 3 days’ grumbling about her stay.

    Gulnara stated: ‘We arrived around 9pm in the evening and he existed.

    ‘He revealed me the home and the swimming pool. I reached into the swimming pool and felt it was a little cold.

    PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: GULNARA ADOMENE, 40, FROM ROMFORD, EAST LONDON, WHO HAD TO MOVE TO A HOTEL AFTER THE VILLA'S POOL WAS TOO COLD) A mum's holiday turned into a 'nightmare' when she stormed out of a Lanzarote villa - as she claims her personal thermometer showed the heated pool was SIX DEGREES cooler than promised.Gulnara Adomene, from Romford, East London, had been counting down the days until her holiday to beachfront villa Casa Dak at Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, with her friend Luda and both their children.The 40-year-old had spent months planning the seven-day trip [11th-18th April], but claims she was disappointed by not just the villa's battered bathroom but the pool's 'freezing' 24-degree waters.DISCLAIMER: While Kennedy News and Media uses its best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied and the publication of images is solely at your discretion. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY - 0161 697 4266
    < img decoding ="async" filling ="lazy" width ="540" height ="405" data-rsz ="shrink" src ="" alt= "PHOTO FROMKennedyNews andMedia( PICTURED: GULNARA ADOMENE,40, FROM ROMFORD, EAST LONDON, WHO NEEDED TO RELOCATE TO A HOTEL AFTER THE VACATION HOME'S SWIMMING POOL WAS TOO COLD) A mum's vacation became a' problem' when she stormed out of aLanzarote vacation home- as she declares her individual thermometer revealed the heated swimming pool was 6 DEGREES cooler than guaranteed.GulnaraAdomene, fromRomford,EastLondon, had actually been counting down the days up until her vacation to beachfront vacation homeCasaDak at(****************************************************************************************************************************** )Blanca,(*************************************************************************************************************************************** )with her buddy Luda and both their kids.The40- year-old had actually invested months preparing the seven-day journey[11th-18th April], however declares she was dissatisfied by not simply the vacation home's battered restroom however the swimming pool's' freezing'24- degree waters.DISCLAIMER:WhileKennedyNews andMedia utilizes its finest endeavours to develop the copyright and credibility of all images provided, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action triggered by using images provided and the publication of images is entirely at your discretion. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY-01616974266" class ="wp-image-18671768"/ >

    GulnaraAdomene was definitely fuming(Picture:KennedyNews andMedia)(**************
    temp gauge
    According toGulnara the temperature level was24 ° C(Picture:KennedyNews andMedia)
    kids by pool.
    (************************************************************************************************************************* )household were implicated of not putting the sheet on the swimming pool(Picture:KennedyNews andMedia)

    ‘I asked him ‘How many degrees is this?’ and he stated it was26 ° C or25 ° C, however that in the day it ‘d reach30 ° C to32 ° C.


    ‘ I trusted him believing it was cold due to it being the night. (***************** ).

    The next day I got up and there were a couple of problems inside your house.

    ‘There was broken glass, a damaged shower head, and a mouldy cleaning maker, however the main point was the heated swimming pool.

    ‘We attempted to get in the swimming pool in the early morning.

    ‘ I opened the cover and my nine-year-old child leapt in however just remained in for 10 minutes.She came out shivering.

    brits abroad
    TheBrits abroad were required to discover other lodging (Picture:
    Kennedy News andMedia)

    ‘The other kids tried but couldn’ t enter.For me and my buddy it was too cold.

    ‘ I attempted with my hand however there was no chance I might enter that swimming pool, it was freezing.


    (*************************************** )t the summer season. The sea was cold.My kids like warm water so it is essential for them.

    ‘I feel sad and frustrated. I’ m scared now to lease a rental property once again.

    ‘I’ ve never ever had this experience in my life. I’m actually upset and disappointed about this scenario.It’s been a headache.

    We were so ecstatic for the vacations, we were counting down the days to leave, specifically for the heated swimming pool.

    (****************************************** )

    Gulnara was stressed out since she calledBooking com who informed her refunds needed to be directed towards the vacation home owner.

    Fabrizio challenged the claims and stated:‘I’ m sorry for the issue however sadly it was she herself who produced issues.

    ‘The temperature level of the swimming pool is30 ° C.

    (******************************************* )


    com representative stated:'(******************************************************************************************************************************************** )a client ever appears to a home and it does not fulfill their expectations, our customer care group is on hand 24/ 7 to promote on their behalf.

    ‘In this instance, to apologise for the inconvenience the customer faced in having to relocate to another property while on their holiday, we have offered the guest a full refund.’

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