Survivor’s Natalie Anderson Is Nervous for The Challenge – E! Online

Survivor's Natalie Anderson Is Nervous for The Challenge - E! Online

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Maybe the weaves at tribal council aren’t overall insanity after all.

For 2 seasons, Natalie Anderson went far for herself as one of the most difficult candidates Survivor has actually ever seen. After all, she came this near winning Survivor: Winners at War previously this year even after she invested much of the season separated on the Edge of Extinction, a deserted beach with even less features than the primary island.

But when asked to appear on MTV’s hit truth program The Challenge: Double Agents, the intense rival was a bit anxious. 

“It’s so different,” Natalie discussed to E! News specifically ahead of the best. “The Edge of Extinction was most likely the hardest thing I’ll ever carry out in my life. It made my routine season of Survivor look like a beach getaway. The aspect of The Challenge that makes me anxious is coping with other individuals in such close quarters.”

Natalie continued, “I’m great in truly bad circumstances. I’m great starving. I’m great being uneasy. For me, I’d rather take everybody on The Challenge and put them on the Edge of Extinction.”

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